jueves, 3 de marzo de 2016

Another BLACK day in the world of music: What a wonderful life he sang!!!

I didn't know anything about this artist, but I have read on the internet that he is an artist who was born in Liverpool but he had been living in Ireland. His fist gig was New Year’s Day, 1982 and his debut single 'Human Features' was released the same year.He signed for WEA records in 1984, but the relationship was not fruitful and Mr Vearncombe was dropped during the promotion period for the single ‘More Than The Sun.’ It was following this that Mr Vearncombe wrote one of his most well-known songs, ‘Wonderful Life’, with record label A&M. It became an international hit following its release in 1987. His later work was not able to reach the same level of commercial success, though he was able to continue recording music, releasing 14 albums over the course of his life. His latest, ‘Blind Faith’, was released in 2015."Wonderful life"is his most famous song, which was a hit around the world. He married the singer Camilla and had three children. He died in a accident in Cork on January 26th 2016. I'm going to listen to this famous song, but I think I will not like it very much.

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